About BEST
BEST Contracting Services, Inc., was incorporated in 1982 and specializes in construction services for the entire Building Envelope. 

Headquartered in Gardena, California, with other another full service facility in Hayward, BEST carries significant bonding and insurance capacities.  With our trained Union work force of approximately 500 employees, recent annual revenue exceeded $100 million. We also have an extremely high bonding capacity.

BEST Contracting Services has the capacity to handle your GSA needs regardless of the scope or size!


Roofing obviously is an ongoing requirement as it is known to deteriorate in the sun, and every government facility requires this service.   Waterproofing is a vital, on-going factor, in particular, in facilities located in more intense weather zones around the country. BEST has the capacity to provide waterproofing for walls and decks, as well as respond to any disaster relief efforts to minimize further water damage.

BEST is also on the cutting edge of green technology as it pertains to our portion of the construction industry.  We provide and install green (Vegetated) roofs, Solar PV systems, and retrofit daylighting systems in such facilities as classrooms, gymnasiums and airplane hangers.


Skills & Knowledge
BEST Contracting Services is primed as a highly qualified roofing provider, having experience with federal clients in the past, and having successfully completed major federal projects from smaller scale to million dollar roofing projects. 

Examples of BEST government projects:


Safety is paramount at BEST Contracting Services, Inc. This has resulted in BEST achieving a very low EMR rating. This is the unit of measurement assigned by the insurance industry to each construction company based on the insurance claims history of that company.

With 1.0 as the industry average, the fewer accidents and claims made reduce this value and we are proud that our current EMR rating of 0.52 is very low for a contractor in a dangerous industry.

Please click here to view a BEST safety profile.


Since California is home to many federal facilities, BEST can provide these services and save the federal client money is reducing interstate transportation costs.  BEST is also capable of traveling wherever the needs are.

The company also operates with State Contractor Licenses in several western states, click here for a list of licenses and states.


BEST actively seeks opportunities through  FedBizOps and  networks at events such as Gold Coast, GSA Opening Doors and the National Veterans Conference  talking to government representatives and proactively seeking business.

Contact us today at (800) 300-6445 to discover how BEST Contracting Services can save you time, hassle and expense on your next GSA roofing project.